Format and content of my posts

Somebody with the nickname of Skylarking started the topic “What Can I learn for Now Without a Teacher or a Piano?” at the pianoworld web forum, where he asked:

I have a 61-Key Keyboard and I’m going to buy a Piano soon and get teacher as well. It’s going to take a few months since money is very tight right now.

What should I do for the time being? Work on my posture? Learn music theory? Ear train? Learn some Chords/Scales? Transcribe?

He got some advices from other forum members, but in six days he opened a new topic “How do I balance everything out?”, where he actually pleaded for advice about all those given advices:

I was given a lot of advice. Which is great. The problem is that I am so overwhelmed with a lot of the advice. I don’t really know where to start. I’m a really disorganized person. I’m a mess.

Thus, what is the use to give advices about piano learning? Even the question “What to start with” turns to be too general. That is a problem for ones who self-teach themselves piano and try to find solutions for their specific issues in the net. All they find seems too abstract and not quite to the point, and it takes much time to read, watch and filter out numerous web resources to distill a proper guide to action. What does your time cost? How much would you charge for an hour, if someone asked you to do some research work? Do you value your time or not at all? This question is to yourself that may help you estimate whether you really need a teacher, who presumably is able give prompt replies to your particular and conditioned questions about piano playing. Does his work save your money?

The process of handling information is more important than the information itself. The teacher deals with the processing of information and implements it on your particular case, he/she does not simply lecture you on some valuable information. In fact, I believe all, which conceptually could be told about piano methodology, had been already told. One hardly can add anything new, but prepares just new mixtures of the old ideas. The way of making the mixtures may be unique and that is what we appreciate it in a teacher. But the teaching ingredients are the same old ideas he/she got from his own teachers, who had got from their teachers, etc. New elements are added mostly because of communication between various teachers and schools, and in the internet era that goes on at full speed. Anyway, the seminal and basic ideas, in my opinion, do not change perceptibly, at least not so fast. We just have got more ingredients at our disposal. Good chefs are more valuable to prepare meals than raw food products themselves.

That is why I do not see anything wrong, if I am not going to propose any new ideas of my own here in this blog, – who am I to offer anything of that kind and with my command of English – but would instead offer citation compilations from most interesting texts I met on my journey on piano learning. Some blog writers try to be original, but either their texts seem watery or one gets the feeling that he/she read that already and not only once. Therefore, I intend better to take you by hand and lead along a possible path through some places of value for a self-learning piano player. The way that teachers may do.


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