Links to Bernhard’s forum posts about teachers


1 Words of Wisdom for an Eighteen year old?
tags: time to learn

2 The 60-Day Course in Perfect Fake Piano Playing

3 praise is very important. However even more important is how you praise

4 it is the “untalented” students that most benefit from a daily lesson scheme

5 selecting a teacher

6 Ever taught a piece you couldn’t play yourself?

7 I had a student who was a serious muck abouter
tags: time to learn

8 before you play a piece of music you must learn the basic movements
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, adults

9 differences in learning/teaching children and adults

10 Demonstrations. Why don’t piano teachers do it?

11 teacher thoughts

12 “There are no bad students, only bad teachers.”

13 teaching thoughts
tags: method books

14 but rather teaches how to learn to play an instrument
tags: Russian school, Hanon, exercises

15 Russian Piano School – Rachmaninoff’s opinion
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, motivation

16 Motivating children – joining the child’s model and using other children’s accomplishments to motivate
tags: method books, technique

17 Which tutorial series is recomended for adult beginners?
tags: web links

18 teaching
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

19 How to become a piano teacher – good advice from minsmusic – the pitfalls as well as the requirements

20 all piano teachers plz visit
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, Chinese students

21 what to do with children crying
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

22 How to become a teacher, what is best teaching
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, adults

23 advantages of a teacher – comparison with typing

24 why need a teacher
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, adults

25 Age limitations – Barenboins’s there are only bad teachers philosophy
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, method books

26 methods for very young students – Candida Tobin´s website
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, exercises, technique

27 How to teach very young students – the historical method, the pragmatical x logical method and total exposure as the best way for under-5s
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

28 Young teachers – why young/bad teachers are not a problem – When the student is ready the right teacher will appear

29 you should want the best most experienced teacher that is available

30 Qualifications and credentials are of no importance

31 I believe it to be very important that a student start playing as soon as possible a complete piece.

32 the two basic mistakes are not planning the course and trying to cram too much in a single lesson

33 what each student should know upon leaving your studio after 3 years
tags: selecting pieces, beginner, teaching a kid, adults

34 Dear Bernhard thread – Pieces leading up to the revolutionary

35 teaching in groups

36 I teach according to the student’s capabilities and tastes
tags: teaching a kid

37 first lessons – cont.
tags: teaching a kid

38 first 5 lessons – cont.
tags: teaching a kid

39 second week of lessons
tags: selecting pieces

tags: beginner, teaching a kid

41 what to do when a student has not practised
tags: mistakes

42 teacher has the followings advantages

43 teacher with the proper philosophy and a student with a proper philosophy will meet

44 Repertory for advanced students – Beethoven sonatas, WTC and Chopin etudes – the many levels of superior music and some thoughts on performance
tags: adults, time to learn

45 Can you make it as a pianist starting late?
tags: adults

46 the four levels of teaching: Toddler, beginner, intermediate and advanced
tags: beginner, adults

47 Teaching adults

48 teaching the student how to learn
tags: motivation

49 Encouragement – the impossibility of reaching goals and therefore the importance of setting goals high. Teaching by criticism: Slydini example
tags: self-teaching

50 There are many disadvantages to being self-taught
tags: fingering, adults

51 self-teaching – the pitfalls. Analogy of frying an egg – principles of fingering
tags: ABRSM

52 Value of doing ABRSM exams
tags: adults

53 I will describe to you my own approach
tags: adults, outlining

54 description of method

55 pragmatic method
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

56 How to organise a lesson syllabus – analogy with cooking
tags: scales, beginner, teaching a kid, chord

57 how to teach chords to young children

58 there is a policy, and I follow it

59 Sick of dealing with parents who nickle and dime

60 you are always in a position to set the rules
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, self-teaching

61 Areas of study for a complete music syllabus – books for each area
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

62 advantages and disadvantages of teaching by rote – good for the teacher
tags: beginner

63 teach pieces by rote
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, method books

64 Methods
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

65 Teaching little brats – recorder rules
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

66 How to deal with bad students – using the student for experiments

67 The purpose of schools is not to teach
tags: self-teaching

68 self-taught teachers
tags: beginner

69 Teaching or playing – learning with the student

70 strict x lax teachers – fake anger, but never feel it

71 A (good) teacher will try to teach what the student needs to learn

72 Bernhard’s students – money questions – Judo story – requirements to become a teacher – skills x credentials

73 Most teachers will teach for free if they come across a willing student
tags: beginner, time to learn, practice goal

74 How to choose your next piece – impossible/easy pieces

75 what is a real teacher and the definition of a good communicator
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, adults

76 adults learn faster than children

77 I try to give my students the resources they need to achieve their goals.
tags: time to learn

78 Bernhard Syllabus
tags: adults, self-teaching

79 Consider frying an egg
tags: adults

80 This is the way I teach
tags: motivation

81 Unmotivated Student!

82 There are no good teachers, only good students
tags: self-teaching, Chopin

83 Chopin was also taught

84 Should Piano Teachers Provide Lessons for Free
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

85 how to teach super motivated students
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

86 Types of students. Good and bad attitudes displayed by students
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, Russian school

87 Mayla describes the philosophy of a Russian teacher – the pragmatic method and doing wrist locks on students
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

88 What to teach a 4-year old in his first lesson

89 grades and exams
tags: bad habits

90 teaching an 11 year old who has bad habits
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, bad habits

91 Helping a student get rid of bad habits
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, bad habits

92 teaching a child with bad habits – aim is not for the student to get better, but for the teacher to get better – use pieces the student love – outlining x simplification – how small hands can cope with octaves – fingering
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

93 why do you teach? – policies and teaching methods –pragmatical theory of memory

94 why do you teach? Bernhard’s method
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

95 handling transfer students – the 3 most important areas in piano teaching
tags: method books, beginner, teaching a kid

96 method books

97 scolding students – students from hell, their attitudes and appropriate responses – start from the idea that student is put on your path for your benefit, not his – joining the model of the student – using their energy rather than yours – analogy to martial arts – use students form hell to learn this art – logic x psychology x philosophy – example of learning piece backwards- steve wonder is god silogism – analogy with reading

98 payment policies

99 we do not want to expand our knowledge, we want to shrink to something we already know and feel comfortable with
tags: technique

100 I propose pragmatical versus logical methods

101 For Bernhard: filling some holes – cont.
tags: practice goal

102 Sometimes a student sincerely does not know how to practise. They have to be shown.
tags: adults

103 crash courses

104 Relax and enjoy your teacher!
tags: technique, practice

105 3 most important practice tricks
tags: time to learn

106 Is it possible for one of these age groups to ever play great concertos and be a piano pro in a resonable amount of time?
tags: adults, self-teaching

107 when are you ready to be without a teacher – roles of the teacher

108 sensitivity towards students – maxims on students, teachers and environment

109 Questions about teaching
tags: link list

110 Teaching questions
tags: beginner, teaching a kid

111 How to teach a 5-year old to read music – Candida Tobin

112 Knowledge and Level of being

113 A teacher teaches, a student learns.

114 Rediculous Pricings?

115 making a living as a teacher
tags: self-teaching, practice, exercises

116 Piano technique is not that difficult to acquire
tags: teaching a kid

117 Parent in Denial

118 Parent in Denial – cont.

119 How to find and recognize a good teacher
tags: movements, analysis, hand

120 Now to go back to the 4thfinger problem – cont.

121 How to inspire adults to start practicing?

122 payment issues
tags: bad habits, movements, speed, technique

123 Critique this performance
tags: technique, Fink, Sandor

124 Taught vs discovered technique – Czerny vs. Fink/Sandor vs. Self
tags: exercises

125 play only what you love – difficult x challenging pieces
tags: teaching a kid

126 first month teaching
tags: technique, practice goal, exercises, fingers, analysis

127 repeated note-groups for difficult passages – correct technique is never uncomfortable – rotation as the solution to 5th finger weakness – criticism to misguided technical exercises – trusting the unconscious
tags: teaching a kid

128 questions to ask a prospective teacher – reasons why payment should be monthly
tags: teaching a kid


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