Bernhard’s forum posts about self-teaching


1 How long does it all take? – self-taught students – the cake analogy – criticism of ABRSM for expecting people to reach grade 8 in 10 years – learning is not gradual comparison with reading – different ways of learning – how to learn to drive a car – the dispersive method of teaching – 15 list to “disperse” learning
tags: teacher

2 There are many disadvantages to being self-taught
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, teacher

3 Areas of study for a complete music syllabus – books for each area
tags: teacher

4 self-taught teachers
tags: adults, teacher

5 Consider frying an egg

6 Were some virtuoses self-taught?

7 the myth of self-taught pianists: Godowsky, Richter and Chopin
tags: Chopin, teacher

8 Chopin was also taught
tags: teacher, adults

9 when are you ready to be without a teacher – roles of the teacher

10 no one is self-taught
tags: practice, exercises, teacher

11 Piano technique is not that difficult to acquire
tags: practice, exercises, teacher


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