Bernhard’s suggestions on pieces to play

1 best editions for each composer
tags: gradings

2 Pieces with gradations
tags: Heller

3 Heller studies
tags: easy pieces

4 Short but Good?
tags: Mozart, gradings

5 Here are the Mozart sonatas in progressive order of difficulty
tags: exercises

6 Technical Exercises
tags: practice, technique

7 One must make a difference between impossibly difficult repertory and challenging repertory.
tags: Grieg

8 grieg’s lyric pieces

9 Re: Prokofieff, Ravel & Scriabin?!

10 melancholic piano pieces

11 Pieces for accuracy
tags: easy pieces

12 Piece to learn in 5 days!!!
tags: gradings, etudes, Grieg

13 Grieg’s Lyric pieces graded
tags: Grieg

14 Grieg’s Lyric Pieces – cont.
tags: easy pieces, Bach

15 My favourites of the AMB
tags: easy pieces

16 Easiest crossing hands piece
tags: Burgmuller

17 Burgmuller Op. 105 and 109
tags: finishing pieces

18 never study a piece you have no desire to perform
tags: easy pieces, Debussy

19 Debussy: The easier pieces
tags: easy pieces, adults, repertory

20 suggestions for some beginner pieces

21 neglected pieces

22 surreal pieces
tags: Prokofiev, gradings

23 There are other wonderful Prokofiev pieces

24 Nazareth

25 impressionist repertory
tags: repertory

26 Haunting Nocturnal pieces
tags: easy pieces

27 easy sonatas
tags: left hand pieces

28 Left hand piece?
tags: preludes

29 preludes

30 Shostakovich preludes op. 34
tags: technique, practice, hand, HT/HS, Bach

31 developing both hands equally – website for left handed pianos
tags: Bach

32 Why do you hate playing Bach?
tags: easy pieces, adults

33 Easiest piano piece ever written
tags: Chopin, gradings

34 Chopin pieces graded
tags: easy pieces

35 Easiest, yet great, piano piece ever written

36 underplayed concerti

37 Delicate pieces with running passages

38 Moto perpetuos
tags: beginner, teaching a kid, teacher, adults

39 Dear Bernhard thread – Pieces leading up to the revolutionary
tags: teacher


41 Melancholy and depressing pieces
tags: easy pieces, Schumann, adults

42 Schumann’s Album for the young
tags: easy pieces, Scarlatti, adults

43 Scarlatti favourite sonatas
tags: Scarlatti

44 Most Scarlatti sonatas are not that difficult
tags: Scarlatti

45 another 20 fast and dazzling sonatas
tags: Scarlatti

46 another 20 lyrical sonatas
tags: easy pieces, adults

47 Building your piano foundations – suggestions for a progressive repertory

48 uncommon repertory

49 Uncommon Works
tags: easy pieces, adults

50 Joe Hisaishi sheet music

51 Barber piano pieces

52 New music – Less than 7 minutes long

53 Most of these pieces are by less known composers or less known works
tags: easy pieces, Scarlatti

54 Serenade by Schubert – suggestions for Scarlatti sonatas and Prokofiev pieces of beginner/intermediate level
tags: Prokofiev

55 Prokofiev is my favourite modern composer
tags: Debussy

56 Debussy’s pieces in progressive difficulty
tags: Debussy, easy pieces

57 Looking for advice on Debussy
tags: easy pieces, 4 hands repertory

58 four hand repertory
tags: easy pieces, adults

59 Suggestions for repertory for someone who has been playing for a year

60 Need suggestions for competition…

61 pre-classical composers – modal music and the first piece for piano
tags: Beethoven

62 progressive difficulty list for all of Beethoven´s 32 sonatas

63 several threads with suggestions of repertory
tags: easy pieces, adults

64 Introduction to romantic pieces – how technique is specific to pieces
tags: Bach

65 progressive order for learning the WTC
tags: Bach, practice plan

66 Plan for learning Bach’s WTC
tags: gradings, etudes

67 grade 7 sonatas
tags: Bach

68 pedagogical materials that would lead to the WTC. In progressive order of difficulty
tags: easy pieces, gradings, etudes, Chopin, adults

69 Easiest Chopin pieces – grades 4-5-6

70 short, melodious pieces by Debussy

71 Soler – adjectives as being labels for inner states rather than qualities
tags: repertory

72 Building my repetoire!

73 Recommendations for dinner background music
tags: Chopin, gradings

74 Op. 25 no. 1 – grades for all etudes and nocturnes

75 Only you can decide what is a piece that you will find nice

76 Café bar music

77 Gershwin preludes
tags: Bach, gradings

78 There are 34 easier preludes and fugues
tags: Haydn

79 Haydn is far superior to Mozart
tags: Bach, gradings

80 favourites of the well-tempered klavier

81 Baroque composers

82 Need Help With Classical Music

83 Villa Lobos

84 Richard Strauss & Mahler piano works

85 neglected composers
tags: books

86 Books that list and rank the piano repertory
tags: easy pieces, gradings, etudes, adults

87 grade 4 – 6 repertory
tags: Haydn

88 Haydn sonatas – best recordings

89 Soler sonatas
tags: gradings, etudes

90 grade 6 repertory
tags: Schumann, adults

91 Schumann’s music – Album baltter and bunte blatter

92 Berlioz piano music

93 Baroque repertory for a short range keyboard
tags: gradings, etudes, Haydn

94 Haydn’s sonatas graded
tags: easy pieces, Liszt

95 Liszt easy pieces
tags: easy pieces, adults

96 True repertory for total beginners

97 some modern stuff here

98 More modern repertory

99 contemporary and modern pieces
tags: easy pieces, adults

100 easy show off pieces
tags: Mendelssohn, easy pieces

101 Mendelssohn favourites
tags: easy pieces

102 suggestions for pianist with limited skills
tags: easy pieces, adults

103 nice slow romantic piece for beginner
tags: Bach

104 List of Bach keyboard works
tags: easy pieces, Duphly, adults

105 Jacques Duphly
tags: easy pieces

106 links: reasonably easy stuff

107 English virginalists

108 Couperin – Barricades mysterieux
tags: gradings, etudes, Brahms

109 Brahms pieces graded
tags: easy pieces, teaching a kid

110 Albums for the young
tags: link list

111 some serious repertoire suggestions, Grade 10 RCM/Grade 8 ABRSM and lower

112 Grieg’s Notturno
tags: Mendelssohn, gradings, etudes

113 Mendelssohn’s SWW and other pieces graded
tags: gradings, etudes, Mozart

114 Mozart sonatas graded
tags: link list

115 classic songs restated
tags: easy pieces, 4 hands repertory

116 2 piano repertory
tags: link list

117 easy pieces
tags: beginner

118 pieces to begin with
tags: Mendelssohn, gradings

119 Mendelssohn – Songs Without Words
tags: link list

120 Favorite Intermediate Compositions
tags: easy pieces, 6 hands repertory

121 6 hands repertory
tags: gradings, etudes, Chopin

122 Chopin pieces grades 7 & 8
tags: easy pieces

123 Beautiful music that is not hard to play
tags: easy pieces

124 Some excellent suggestions!
tags: easy pieces, adults

125 Beautiful music that is not hard to play

126 Beautiful music that is not hard to play
tags: gradings

127 pieces on tremolos, hand crossing, broken chords

128 Obscure classical sonatas

129 Progressive Pieces
tags: etudes, easy pieces, exercises

130 easy etudes and exercises
tags: adults, etudes

131 melodic studies
tags: show off pieces

132 Show off piece
tags: easy pieces

133 Nobuo Uematsu – links to MP3 and to free sheet music
tags: easy pieces

134 Easy pieces that sound difficult and vice versa
tags: technique, exercises, etudes

135 Extensive list of technical exercises and studies
tags: Rachmaninov

136 Rachmaninoff easier pieces

137 play what you like

138 pieces to woo a man
tags: Heller, easy pieces

139 Heller thread – Lots of pdf files with Heller scores and MP3 to listen to
tags: practice drive, motivation

140 dealing with pieces you hate

141 dinner background music

142 sacred music

143 pieces to woo the ladies

144 Arvo Part, Phillip Glass, Ludovico Einaudi
tags: easy pieces, minimalist

145 minimalist pieces – description of Einaudi pieces.
tags: easy pieces, adults

146 Victor Carbajo

147 Lowell Liebermann


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